“When I went around the world they asked me, how do you call this music ? And I said, high-tech experimental psychedelic trance, but people remember only Hi-tech”

„I am just a small puppet in the universe“

Dark Psy, Hi Tech, Forest. Again and again there is confusion among party heads: Exactly what’s the difference between these genres? You are probably the perfect person to ask. Can you please give us a short definition of each of these styles? Technology-wise, the sound of Forest is a like a crispy jungle freestyle music, very organic, with a lot of space for the human. Dark music is pretty much aggressive music, featuring a very powerful structure. I cannot say I’m a big fan of this style. Hi-tech, I love it because it’s basically about fun and funk explosions. When I went around the world they asked me, how do you call this music ? And I said, high-tech experimental psychedelic trance, but people remember only high-tech. That’s basically, how the music became known under the name Hi-Tech. CosmoTalking about your own productions: What are the most characteristic features of your tracks? I have no idea what are my characteristics. I’m just doing what is making me feel comfortable. The best answer I can give you, I like a lot of vocals. I like a lot of funky explosions, lot of funky breaks. I like new unheard sounds and don’t like it when people use the same leads or the same stuff over and over. How will you create a story in your tracks, which elements will you use (e.g. melodies building, samples coming in and out throughout the track etc.)? As I have no idea what I’m going to do next it’s as follows: if I’m feeling positive energy I’m going to create positive energy. If I’m feeling no positive energy then I cannot create any positive energy. So, how the next track is going to be, I don’t know. I’m just a very small puppet in the whole universe, and I do what I find the best to do in that moment. As with all people the ideas I am getting depend on that moment, which direction I want to go. But like I said before, my specifications are some melodies, some atmospheres, a lot of vocals, explosive breaks plus monster bass and kicks fluidly. I heard you were arrested once while playing at a party in Dubai. Can you please give us a short summary of this event? What happened? Basically I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I spend 48 hours in Dubai. The whole organization was basically monitored. The police had warrants for all of them. Since I was hanging out with them, they arrested me too. But I have to say, in that moment I went through a hard period of my life, with lots of pressure, and I asked God to help me. It was not a coincidence, this was basically God showing me the way. I am happy and grateful for my life and for the people who stand next to me. Because there are not many. It was one of the most powerful lessons I received, and it will always stay in my heart. It is there to remind me who I am, why I am, and how good I am. CosmoPlease give us a short summary of your next projects: Releases, Parties, projects, etc.! So far I have not too many future projects. The reason is, I’ve been busy with the Noise Poison Festival…however, because of the delays caused by the story in Dubai, I had to change my set’s date at Noise Poison, which was a complete disaster because only slightly half of the people showed up at that event and I lost a tremendous amount of money. Therefore, I don’t really produce so much music these days because I have had a hard time surviving the next day. By the time I observe that the scene is again ready to appreciate and respect each other…which is not what I see today. In most people I don’t see any spirituality when I come to the dance floor. They’re enjoying themselves but I don’t see spiritual movement anymore. I don’t even feel it anymore, so I am doubtful of the scene. It’s all up to people, whether they give me faith, and whether they believe in me. Still, I have no reason to not continue what I have been doing for the last 16 years of my life. I would happily say, I have many future projects, but I don’t… because most of the people I loved basically disappeared and left me alone in deep s***. People in whom I believed disappointed me so much that as a result I had to close my label. People used me for their benefit. So I don’t find the will to continue any label in the future neither and also stopped releasing music. The only way people can hear my new music today, is to book me to play at parties. For future projects I’m starting to co-operate with some artists, but let’s see how it goes. I’m sure, people will hear about it sooner or later.

Manjula Mülder


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