We are happy to announce that Kazak is now part of the Noise Poison family.

Kazak a.k.a Disaster Jack is a Darkpsy/Hi-Tech /Experimental project by Khajak Missakian. Armenian originated born in Lebanon. His love for the underground music scene in the middle east sent him on a mission to present his touch in storytelling.

It covers a vast range of bpm that goes from 160 to 240 bpms. His sets aim to take the listener on a journey into the darkness and the exploration of the self. The sound emits the harmony of its space, transmits a sensation of freedom in its compositions, with rhythmic elements and technical timbres dancing by its frequencies, vocal and instrumental arrangements, putting together a harmonic, and sometimes melodic, story, on top of a High and percussive kick and bass. It doesn’t limit itself to a BPMs style, following a diverse and experimental sequence. His first ep is being written and is looking forward for the projects coming in the future with Noise Poison Records.