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Some Info about the Double Album:
-Comes with a Poster of the Artwork by subliquida
-20 previously unreleased tracks by Parandroid
– Bonus: Music Videos, Video and Audio Interviews with Radiozora and Rui Correria 
– Behind the scenes and Live performance Photographs by Triphotos Digital, Bruno Camargo and more
-Bonus Artworks

Art always reflects it`s surroundings. 
We live in an important time where the very existence of humankind gets challenged by Machines, 
Super AI, Nano Technology, Advanced robotics, information warfare, and global warming. 
It is evident that we are on the brink to a new era. An endless spiral of possibilities and danger awaits.

Before the Singularity

What does it mean to be human? Where do we come from – Where do we go?
The Dawn of Man reflects some of those questions merely by being contemporary art in this transhumanistic state of our world. It is reflecting humanity in what is possibly the last chapter of being human as we know it.
It is already clear that the Technosphere will take over the Biosphere. There is no question if – only when.
We as humans are standing before an impending singularity. This singularity does not consist out of matter – it is a human construct of information. A point of extreme density of information.