New Noise Poison Records release: COSMO – Stanislav Grof out now on bandcamp!

We are thrilled to announce that our first release since years, Stanislav Grof by COSMO, is out now out on Bandcamp! First surfaced on Soundcloud in 2015, the track is already well-known to many of you.

You might ask yourself now „why should I buy it if can hear it for free on Soundcloud?“

First of all, of course, to support COSMO, the artist behind the track in his amazing work.
But there is more to it: Soundcloud compresses its music to lousy 128kb/s or less. That means, if you are almost deaf, you will be fine. If you still have a good sense of hearing, you will want to go for the bandcamp version. Why? Because it features a whole new experience in terms of audio fidelity. In addition, you support the production of new Noise Poison high tech trance.

Hear the track the way its meant to be heard by the artist. If you are a dj, you should not even think twice, as its impossible to present tracks downloaded from soundcloud to your audience. It will sound terrible on public adress speakers.

That being said, I can promise you, that Stanislav Grof by COSMO will the best way you can spend 1€ today.