Noise Poison is an incremental part of psychedelic music culture for more than a decade. It is the label that inspired a whole generation of underground music producers and featured the best Artists in the Genre called “Hitech Psytrance”.

After a few years of silence, we are back stronger than ever before. New Music gets released and we are currently scouting out new talents for more releases. Noise Poison always was more than just a label. It is a lifestyle. One thing we are really good at is connecting creative people and realize amazing projects. And today’s landscape of total connectedness is giving us a lot of new possibilities on how we can approach our work as artists, creators, and producers.

Noise Poison Festival was a huge success in terms of inspiring a new culture. But to fulfill our vision we had to spend a lot of money. This money was going from our Pocket, or more accurately the pockets of the main organizer of the event, Cosmo. Many, would have given up after the struggles of huge financial loss. But we didn’t. The reason why we do this is not to become famous or rich. The reason we always did what we did is that we experienced the power of this music first hand and through the womb that was the Psytrance Culture for us, we formed our own Vision. Music can change a life. We do what we do because we believe this is the best contribution we have to offer to humanity.

The producers behind this culture often give all their life for the music. Producing music on a professional level is hard work. And for many life as a producer is full of uncertainties and struggles. Rent, healthInsurance, Tax, Equipment. This job doesn’t only occupy you 24/7, on top of that it also costs money. Almost no music career ever linear in any way. So what happens when producers go through tough times? But fortunately, there is a solution to our problem: Community

Today’s internet landscape offers us the tools to rethink how to run a modern underground music label and event organization. Therefore, we initiated our new Patreon Supporter program. The concept is simple: Together we are strong. On our Social Media, we have a combined follower count exceeding 150 000 Fans. If every Noise Poison Fan out there would give one dollar for the revival of Noise Poison we could present a new Festival, that is created and supported by all of us. The critical Mass to start planning is around 10 000$. So if just every tenth NPR Fan would give one dollar we would not only have new VAs, Producers that don’t have to think about their survival and potentially countless other community-based projects such as workshops.

Just remember this very simple calculation: 10 000 People X 1$ = NOISE POISON FESTIVAL

Mad Scientist

1$ is less than a coffee. It is actually less than most things. And this One Dollar can make a huge difference if we all work together. On top of that, We, of course, do not ask you to give us that dollar for free. Patreons have many benefits such as direct communication with the NPR Team, early access to releases, meet and greets at events, tons of unreleased music and so much more.

We thank you from our heart <3

You, our fans and supporters where always what kept us going. We will never stop to do what we love and what we believe in.

Sincerely and with much Love

The Noise Poison Family

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