The Noise Poison Family has grown yet again. We are very happy to present you DOCTRA. Doctra is a cutting edge DJ from the land of the rising sun.

To understand how impactful Doctra`s performances are, we highly recommend you check out his videos down below. We are proud to have him among us.



Doctra is a Hitech Psytrance DJ from Japan.
At first, Doctra was shocked by the performance of DJ Jam Master Jay, and he became aspiring to be a DJ.
He was influenced by various DJs, but especially by DJ Qbert, which settled his style afterward.
Around 2007, he met Cosmo’s masterpiece Akustical Pollution.
At this time, he solidified his direction as a Hitech DJ.
He continued to release demo mixes and videos but was never recognized.
In Japan, where he lives, the style of using turntables tended to be disliked.
However, he continues to release demo mixes and videos under the name “Jado”.
“Jado” is a Japanese word, a method that deviates from the mainline.
Or it means a devious way.
In 2020, he is invited by Warromaja records in Belgium.
But because of the coronavirus, he couldn’t play at the festival.
Finally, in 2021, he is invited to join Noise Poison Records as Label DJ.
This counterattack has just begun.


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Sonic System Hitech Psytrance psy
Sonic System Hitech Psytrance psy

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