The Burner of the Week: VA The Mushroom Speaks

Doctra is a true Mastermind when it comes to music, and especially so with Hitech Psychedelic Trance. Our unique Turntablists recommendation of the week.

VA The Mushroom Speaks – by Lamat Records

Compiled by Dirty Phreak from Guatemala. This release is epic! It features an outstanding selection of Hitech Trance Artists from all corners of the earth. Lamat Records is in our opinion the strongest label for Hitech Trance Psychedelic in Guatemala.

#1 斬鉄剣 -The Steel Slayer-
Full Respect!!!





About Lamat


psytrance darkpsy psycore hitech label artwork trance hightech dirty phreakLamat Records is an underground psychedelic dark trance label based in Guatemala, initiated by Dirty Phreak in 2011. Our main purpose is to bring to the weird and wacky, slightly tacky, and beautiful world of psychedelic trance dance culture a heavy dose of night time dark psychedelic trance releases, produced by several artists well known around the globe, using high-quality conceptual music  


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