BRIKERZ - Robot Rock

‎Briskerz – Robot Rock ‎

‎Noise Poison proudly presents this highly anticipated release by four Extraordinarily talented artists from Italy. ‎
‎“Briskerz” is the Hitech Psychedelic Trance project by Yatzee, Sonic System, Wildchild, and Brainstalker. ‎
‎This release features 8 previously unreleased dance floor bombs engineered by a Quartet of pure musical skill. The musical spectrum of this release ranges from soothing melodic arrangements topped off with stunning Vocals and Atmospheres to unrelenting power bass lines that are sure to make crowds of Hitech lovers around the world stomp. ‎

‎This music takes you on a journey through time and space channeling the legends of rock and electronica alike propelling you straight into the future. ‎

‎Get ready for the most demanded Hitech Psychedelic Trance release of the year. ‎

‎Art by: Subjekt Zero‎