It was only a few days ago that we added a new talented DJ and upcoming Producer to the NPR artist family. Our AnR department is constantly on the lookout for fresh talent all over the world and we are happy to report that we found yet another Hitech producer gem from India.

This time we have the honor to welcome Arjun aka Voyd Realm. A young and enthusiastic producer that delivers exceptional quality of production and creative skills.

Voyld Realm is an exclusive member of Noise Poison from now on. He currently is preparing his first EP for the label. His appearance on one of the new upcoming VAs is very likely.



Artist Bio

Voyd Realm is the project of Arjun Srivastava, 23 yrs old from India, and was started in the pandemic of 2020 taking inspiration from darker and faster styles of psychedelic trance, with an emphasis on heavy basslines and shredding leads paired with extraordinary atmospheres, uplifting melodies, and mind-bending grooves. A keen musician from a very early age, he started to learn guitar at the age of 12 and slowly built a liking for electronic music and was eventually exposed to psychedelic trance in Goa in 2014, then went on to study sound engineering and music production to further enhance the technical aspects.