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One of the best things in life is Friendship. And Noise Poison always stood for that. State of the art psychedelic entertainment that is made from friends, for friends.
We invite you to come from near&far to join us for a spectacular night of the finest Hitech, Darkpsy, and Forest Music. Join for a ride Full of laughter, enlightenment, and self-discovery paired with 6 spectacular Live Performances and two outstanding DJs, and get your senses stimulated by the eye-watering visuals from @luminuance from Finland.
Come and Join the Noise Poison family on March 5th to be part of history.
UV Bar
Line up:
Voyd Realm
XIII Monkeys
Deko: Isaikadelic 
VJ: Luminuance 


Get Ready for a night of beautiful Hitech Psychedelic Trance, Forest Psytrance and Dark Psychedelic Trance


parandroid triphotos digital brazil live artist hightech trance psytrance darkpsy

Parandroid aka Samuel Zimmermann is a multi-disciplinary artist and musician from Germany. The project is one of the few Hitech Trance projects worldwide that played on most triple-a commercial festivals in Psytrance such as Noise Poison Festival, Universo Paralello, Atman Festival, Indian Spirit, Paradise Festival. Through his decade-spanning career, he has visited more than 30 countries on all five continents.  He also manages the renowned long-standing Record label “Noise Poison Records” together with COSMO and is the founder of the Online Music Learning Service INSTINCT LEARNING.



daash osom music saxena

Pradeesh Saxena aka Daash �has lived within these vibrational frequencies for a better part of his life �In his time of learning ie LIFE he has chosen a path where conversations happen on a higher level, on this deeper plane of vibrational frequencies. He chooses to speak to each an every one of you thru sound vibration, his healing shamanic sound wakes up all that was once hidden from self. This Shamanic Vibration opens portal s to other dimensions within yourself whit in your mind body and soul.


voyd realm hitech trance pic for noisepoison records 2022
Voyd Realm is the project of Arjun Srivastava, 23 yrs old from India, and was started in the pandemic of 2020 taking inspiration from darker and faster styles of psychedelic trance, with an emphasis on heavy basslines and shredding leads paired with extraordinary atmospheres, uplifting melodies, and mind-bending grooves. A keen musician from a very early age, he started to learn guitar at the age of 12 and slowly built a liking for electronic music and was eventually exposed to psychedelic trance in Goa in 2014, then went on to study sound engineering and music production to further enhance the technical aspects.



A dedicated, energetic and constantly surprising talent, “Gabaa” is nothing less than a musical Ambassador. A much loved artist to the people and for all the right reasons. Growing up in and around Goa was a boost to his love for Psychedelic Trance music. He started Dj-ing in the year 2007 and his strong talent was waiting to be nurtured. plays alongside for “omveda Records”. He’s someone who is deeply involved in all his productions.
, his mixing abilities are simply brilliant, His music makes things go bumpy all night long. With a Kaleidoscopic musical taste, the list of parties he has put on, played at and danced at are innumerable.


Rudrasonik ashok sahu hitech trance psytrance india dj live act producer

Noise Poison proudly presents the newest addition to the exclusive NPR artist family: Rudrasonik represents cutting-edge Hitech in India.
His performances are full of energetic tunes that he presents with high-quality mixing.
This is the first addition to our artist roster from India.
His style can be best describes as full power hitech that ranges from mental to melodic. He especially captivates his audience during his sets mesmerizing the crowd with harmonically arranged mixes that include not only the best released and unreleased music from NPR but also from countless other labels from all corners of the earth.


M3DRA is Fabian from Leipzig, Germany. The producer and artist is known for his swampy signature and deep growling basslines and has shown countless times that he is able to set a dancefloor on fire with his forest psychedeic trance tunes. Catch him play a blasting set at Noise Poison&Friends at UV Bar Anjuna on 5th March 2022.


Sotokkan trance

Sotirios aka Sotokkan first approach with music, dates from the early 80’s.
He started djing Rock and Punk Rock in clubs and bars of Athens, and also was involved in various live projects, rock bands etc.
In 1991 he discovers the world of Trance through parties from the Athenian scene, and in 1994 he visits Goa for the first time.
After traveling, when back, he organizes plenty of underground outdoor parties.
He is also an active DJ for more than a decade on Ios island.


parandroid at maya festival psytrance brazil brasil sp

XIII Monkeys stands for state of the art Psychedelic Trance at around 140-150Bpm. The main Emphasis of XIII Monkeys is improvisation of Organic Patterns to offer a fluid yet furious mixture of layered Sounds. The producer behind the project is Samuel Zimmermann, which is also responsible for the Hitech Trance project PARANDROID. With over ten years in the Studio and more than 25 countries visited he is already well known for his performances around the globe with performances on Events like Universo Paralello, Noise Poison Festival, Indian Spirit and countless more crews from all corners of the earth.