Noise Poison All Night Trip

12 Hours of pure Hitech Psychedelic Trance
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Noise Poison Nights

Noise Poison Nights offers event organizers favorable conditions when booking artist packages.

The concept is quite simple: You book one convinient package for your event. This will save you money and will make your event planning and execution more streamlined. Furthermore, you have a cohesive dance-floor experience that isn’t “cobbled together”.

We have artists situated on almost all continents and corners of the globe. This way travel costs can be minimized.



How long is the playtime of “Noise Poison Night”?

A full package has a playtime of 12 hours.

Can I choose the artists?


Can I book Noise Poison Visuals for my event included in the package?

Yes, you can. Just simply get in touch with us and we can make you a custom offer for your event.

Will the price be discounted?

Yes, if you book 3 or more NPR acts you will get a package price that is substantially lower than if you would book every artist one by one.

Package Examples:

Example 1

Cosmo 6H

Parandroid 2H

Narxz 2H

Yatzee 2H


Example 2

Doctra 2H

Parandroid 2H

Sonic System 2H

Cosmo 4H

Briskerz 2H



Additional services

Apart from our musicians and DJs, we also have a Network of incredible VJs, graphic designers, and Soundsystems at our disposal. If you need help with any other aspect of your event or simply want to put it to the next level presentation-wise, feel free to let us know and we will help you get the most out of your vision.


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