• Release name: ALIEN CHAOS – COLLAPSED
  • Artist: Alien Chaos
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Alien Chaos – Collapsed

Release Text:

This album was created during a difficult period for all the world and of course myself too. The collapse that started in 2020 is still extending to this day. We do not live the best times of our lives, but in the middle of this chaos, we have to be strong and use this moment to connect with our essence. It was in this period where I had no choice but to reinvent myself, willing to start from the ground up. I needed to destroy myself in order to rebuild in a new version. In this album you will experience this process, going through a journey where I dive into the depths of my mind until the moment when I return bringing all my lessons and this new version of myself. Be prepared for this journey of emotions and discoveries.

I thank my family, especially my wife Ann Glownia who is always be in my side, together we wrote tracks 3 and 4 on this album, to my dog Cyber who always puts a smile on my face, to Vinicius Matos Brito Aka Fractaly Noise who wrote with me a track 2. All of my friends who support my work and constantly send me good messages bringing me strength and hope to continue, especially Alvaro Tauan, Luiz Depiculi, Kadu Hidalgo, DR. Hank, Miguel Carvalho, Ataro Mataro, Noein, Felix Thanei, Maiara Gomes, and Thiago Furlan. Big thanks for the massive support from Peter Kubala and Samuel Zimmerman owners of Noise Poison Records and the entire crew that made this release happen.

“I feel

I vibrate

I understand

I cry

I forgive

I love

I start over “

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