COSMO | Mixing Consultation Service


Cosmo will connect with you and help you to improve your tracks. Live and Online via screen sharing

How it works:

After you purchased the product we will get in touch with you via email. We will then send you an invite link to Discord. On Discord, video calls or voice calls offer the option of screen sharing. This way Cosmo can directly check how your production is arranged.

Sep by Step
  1. Purchase the product
  2. Receive our invite link
  3. Send us a Track for analysis
  4. Live Consultation via screen sharing
  5. Receive Tips to improve your production
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Mixing Consultation Service | Online | Music Production

Peter Kubala aka. Cosmo will connect with you on an online call. Via screen share he analysis your mix. He will give you valuable tips to improve your productions. This is an effective way to improve your approach when creating music. After the key problem areas of your production are identified he will give you tips to improve it. This can range from VST Plugin tips to specific production techniques.


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