Noise Poison DJ & Producer

„I am just a small puppet in the universe“

Dark Psy, Hi Tech, Forest. Again and again there is confusion among party heads: Exactly what’s the difference between these genres? You are probably the perfect person to ask. Can you please give us a short definition of each of these styles?

Technology-wise, the sound of Forest is a like a crispy jungle freestyle music, very organic, with a lot of space for the human. Dark music is pretty much aggressive music, featuring a very powerful structure. I cannot say I’m a big fan of this style. Hi-tech, I love it because it’s basically about fun and funk explosions. When I went around the world they asked me, how do you call this music ? And I said, high-tech experimental psychedelic trance, but people remember only high-tech. That’s basically, how the music became known under the name Hi-Tech.

You can read the full interview with Cosmo here.

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